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ReFire is a visual retelling of the story of the ReFire Project, an initiative of the Ration Shed Museum, generously funded by Arts Queensland, to produce contemporary ceramic art and craft in Cherbourg, Queensland. 

Inspired by the Barambah <> Cherbourg <> Art <> Craft exhibition series, ReFire brings decorative ceramic production back to Cherbourg — 30 years after the Barambah Pottery was closed.

Based at the Ration Shed Museum’s Yidding Art Studio, ReFire brought together eleven local artists with South Burnett regional potter Fay Stumm for a series of workshops to learn new creative processes and techniques to express their unique Cherbourg stories and styles through ceramics.

The ReFire workshops culminated in exhibitions at Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery in July 2017, the Ration Shed Museum in August 2017, and a major commercial exhibition at FireWorks Gallery in Brisbane in October 2017.

All proceeds from sales go towards supporting the great work of the Ration Shed Museum in Cherbourg.