Spanish Flu Anthology


History knows it as the ‘Spanish Flu’––the world’s deadliest pandemic of infectious disease, killing more people in a year than the two world wars combined. Australian governments called it Pneumonic Influenza (PnuFlu). It was our nation’s worst natural disaster, leaving more than 12,000 dead in a few months, but the epidemic also caused massive social and economic chaos as it travelled through the country, from cities to towns, along highways and down every street, and into nearly every house.

AndAlso Books is publishing an anthology of creative non-fiction short stories about the Spanish Flu’s spread through Queensland in 1919. We are calling for 8-10 writers to contribute stories to the book, which will be published in early 2019 (the centenary anniversary of the epidemic). Stories will be between 3,000-5,000 words, and writers will be paid for their involvement.

The epidemic was uniquely dramatic, and the should be distinctive and diverse––but they must be based on research about real people and places. We are particularly interested in regional stories, and are keen to hear from writers in central and north Queensland who can tell stories from their own local areas. We especially want to hear from Indigenous writers who might be willing to tell stories about the terrible tragedies the ‘flu’ brought into Barambah (now Cherbourg) and Taroom (now Woorabinda) communities in 1919.

The anthology––not yet titled––will be edited by Melissa Fagan and Matthew Wengert. AndAlso Books can assist prospective writers with some research.

Please send proposals and expressions of interest to or submit below.

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